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Patients Speak Their Mind

Excellent care here! Dr Javidan helped me out 10 years ago, and I decided to come back for different issues now. This is the only place that has ever helped with my back and neck pain. Thank you!

Rafe Beresh

I had an opportunity to be taken care of by Dr. J. Having chronic pain is hard on the patient as well as the health care provider. Dr. J was patience and went the extra mile to make sure the care he provided alleviate my back pain. Even after the treatment, he would follow-up to see how you were doing, months after! You're in good hand with Dr. J!

Phouc Nguyen

I had a great experience with Dr. Javidan the other day. He adjusted me and explained me exactly what's going on with my spine and how to improve in everyday life. He said he will not have to see me again if nothing happens to me so he was obviously not after my money. Great guy with not only great expertise, but he also knows how to explain it to the average guy like me. Go check this guy out :)

Tim Prusener

Dr. Patrick Javidan is INCREDIBLE! He practices 'corrective chiropractic'; which if you don't know, that means he'll utilize techniques to assist and enhance your body's healing process. And... he offers you visual evidence through the x-rays he takes periodically, to help you see how far you've come. Dr. Patrick is thorough, caring, professional and his ethics are impeccable! If you've been living life with a level of pain that you're now used to... you need to see Dr. Patrick ASAP! He's helped me tremendously... in a short period of time! I constantly tell everyone I know about him. His techniques have reduced an incredible amount of pain and my every today continuously gets better!

Maureen Pisani

Bought a Groupon and went through the X-ray and consult process. After visiting Chiropractors in Oklahoma, Colorado and California, I finally found a serious practice that sits down with you and identifies your needs and long-term wishes. I started treatments right away and am so glad I did. After a head-on car accident and damage to L4, L5 and serious nerve damage I was in need of relief from pain and problems with mobility. More than 40 treatments into my plan, I am feeling so much better. I continue to visit his office twice a week and from the affects of multiple manipulation methods and treatments I feel great. He is patient and very perceptive to patients needs and limitations. I am not a big fan of all the sounds and movements that come along with Chiropractor treatments, but Dr, Javidan was very patient with me and convinced me that I would get maximum results and that there would be no pain involved. He was right. He has the ability to find problem areas that no other Chiropractors have been able to do. Well worth the time and money. Highest marks from me.

Kevin Tremeitiere

Thank you Dr. Javidan! Dr. Javidan took x-rays of my neck and spine, and showed me some pretty significant trouble areas that I didn't know existed. He's been treating me for a few weeks now, and my pain level in my neck and back have gone from 7 & 8 out of 10 to 1 & 2. Not only has he helped me with those issues, he took care of my wrist and thumb which both locked up out of the blue and really hurt. Thanks again!

Pat Lamperella

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